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Monday, November 7, 2011 vs. Communication Information — jobs — letters of blood — Information Communication vs Winston Churchill (who is credited with many quotes) would have said "Statistics is the most sophisticated form of lying." It is well known that long ministry figures are used (knowingly) by Luc Chatel communication purposes and that there is a total disregard of the work of statisticians DEPP. After HCL which called it a few weeks ago, the creation of an independent body, it is a group of statisticians who accuses National Education to make withholding information and claim them as creating a body independent. A great question for a media education course: "Where to locate the boundary between information and political communication? "But this question journalists ask the almost daily (without power always respond) when invited to press conferences where distilled their" good "figures in the service of ministerial speeches. Difficult then to separate when things and indulging in "fact checking" essential to discern truth from falsehood and disinformation … The Interstat collective that brings together unions from INSEE and ministerial statistical services said they nothing else that when peak "validated and ready for broadcast publications are retained pending a possible communication from the Minister on the subject." But worse, the statistics presented would be biased. Luc Chatel Interstat accused of "boast, at his press conference back [September 1], improve student skills despite the rising number of students and the declining number of teachers." For this reason, as HCL, they claim that the data used by the Ministry of Education are produced by a body "independent of power". "Until this, we can do other complementary proposals . While the debate on the School has played an important role in this pre-campaign and this has led many newspapers to seek to verify the figures and other information developed by the department as by other candidates, why not create a "Observatory of the School in the media?" not by mistrust vis-a-vis of the work of journalists but rather to complement it. Because the debate on the School has been polluted by the ministerial communication in recent years and it is important to return to the reality of the figures and practices. and because there is in France 63 million "specialists" of the school and that it skews the e debate. Certainly, the School issues are questions of society and should be a public debate. But a public debate it deserves to be well posed. And we avoid to believe that the use of "common sense" in lieu of expertise. While one can readily admit that school issues are discussed by everyone, it would in return we also admit that there are "experts" and who can inform this debate and give the same essential knowledge elements. So why not an "Observatory of the School in the media?" This job is a job, or rather a "job description" posted on the website of the school inspectorate of Haute Garonne for the recruitment of an assistant principal at a college of Reynerie, a neighborhood Mirail in Toulouse. "College Deputy Principal Seeking located in a degraded world of ethnic concentration and near religious ghettoization" that is essentially what can read potential candidates. That’s Liberation Toulouse who revealed this "case." And also of course is the developments in the regional newspaper La dispatch. Of course, the editor of this ad defends a bad intention and stigmatization of will (but in this case it’s a badge … clumsiness). The communications director of the rectory at The dispatch says: "this type of call for applications is not written in the spirit of public communication. This is for internal use on the National Education personal site to clarify the conditions of difficult positions exercises. Normally, recruiting for a position is done by seniority. But for registered schools in FLASH program (schools, colleges, ambition, integration, success) is a derogatory process on a voluntary basis. The staff should have a clear understanding of the environment. " It is not certain that the explanations of the Rectory calm the spirits. Starting with the locals who are indignant against stigma and blame the easing of the school map that led to amplify the situation. The president of the Midi-Pyrenees region, Martin Malvy has outraged a "formulation that stigmatizes again the La Reynerie" by rejecting the term ghetto. "Everyone, and local communities first, working together to improve the living conditions and the image of these districts, the Ministry of Education is involved, but it is not using awkward words, because caricatures for the people, we will succeed. " Blood letters It’s at a recruitment meeting for new members of the association of students Japad (Young Association for the Promotion of activities at Dauphine) a member, under the influence of alcohol, engraved with, apparently, a bottle cap, the letters of the association on the back of the victim. The victim, a result of this barbaric act, complained. Laurent Batsch, President of Paris-Dauphine University, will bring civil and convene a disciplinary council in twenty days. He expressed yesterday his "personal determination to eradicate this practice." For his part, the president of the National Committee against hazing, Marie-France Henry, said she hoped this "case would create a shock." Hopefully it into effect. In any case, it raises testimonies like that can be read on the site and Nouvel.Obs evoking scenes that are far from having disappeared despite the law. This testimony ends with this conclusion: "The schools where the most often hazed are the elite of the nation, the future leaders, future leaders. How expect them to feel empathy, humanity, if they were formatted in a system based on the humiliation, then delivered and which is repeated ad nauseam that it is a condition for the integration homework help for me
? In the same way that child abusers were often abused children, the harassment would later become a stalker. " Good reading… ——————————————— — Liberation.fr of 07/11/11 (some paid items) School: in private, is "anxiety" the insecurity related to job cuts also affected the Catholic teaching that says come to a " breaking point". Saturday at Rennes, several thousand people demonstrated. Read more of the article Reynerie ghetto? Martin Malvy pin the rectory The job offer launched by the University and for the recruitment of a Senior Assistant College, revealed yesterday by LibeToulouse Friday, November 4, remained across the throat region president Martin Malvy: The term "ghetto" attached by the same rectory in the neighborhood Reynerie it seems, at best, "clumsy". Read more of the article Rector seeks Deputy Director for college district in the process of ghettoization … Is Reynerie a ghetto, is it necessary to fear the children of the poor? Yes, seems to meet the job postings on October 12 in the rectory of the site of the Academy of Toulouse and to recruit a deputy director for the college of the district of Mirail. Read more of the article alleged plagiarist refuses to move on A force to flush out the plagiarism, you end up making enemies. Jean-Noel Darts, teaching at the University of Paris VIII and author of the blog "Archeology of cut and paste" specializes in academic plagiarism, will appear Monday before the High Court of Paris, sued for defamation by a researcher that blamed. On his blog, he accuses Khaldun Zreik, professor of information science and communications at Paris-VIII, to have co-directed a thesis plagiarized two thirds and have co-authored six articles also plagiarized. Khaldoun Zreik unabated. But for him, the case is closed because the university’s penalty — cancellation of the thesis in question and Doctor Title loss to the student — has fallen. Jean-Noel Darts, whom he accuses of strive, recalled that he had denounced other business without being taken to court, particularly regarding Nancy, Lille II, Rennes II. The president of the University of Polynesia, Louise Peltzer, he was accused of plagiarism, has it, eventually resigned. Read more of the article "Is Philosopher play?" Inspired by the Tarot, "The Game of the Phoenix" is a kind of philosophical tools box. To your questions … Read More Article Words children of gay Aged 18 to 87 years, they have grown up in homes or homoparentaux discovered young homosexuality of a parent. The book "Son" brings their testimonies. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Le Figaro 07/11/11 the small educational lesson the hard way a "Tiger mother" Amy Chua, Yale professor, calls the severity with children. The translation of his book just released in France. Read more of the article Complaint hazing at Paris-Dauphine A freshman at the University Paris-Dauphine complained after a hazing in which the "letters of blood" were included him in the back, gesture was "despicable" by the university president will be parties. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr (some paid items) of 07/11/11 statisticians accuse national education to make the retention Interstat information, a collective that brings together unions and INSEE ministerial statistical services, accuse the Ministry of education to make the retention of information by not publishing on time their work. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of High School 07/11/11 Mounier: the folder that hinders PS for a year, the region seeks to suffocate this accommodation Grenoble, historical guarantor of social diversity. The reasons it invokes, judged false by a school team exceeded, are examined in court this morning. Read more of the article The face-to-face this week: Should we increase the registration fees for college? Emmanuel Zemmour, President of the UNEF. Yves Lichtenberger, Professor of Sociology, Co-author of a report of Terra Nova. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 07/11/11 literary Awards: the Goncourt school students Carole Martinez Prix Goncourt the 24th high school students was awarded Monday to Carole Martinez "from Domain murmurs "(Gallimard). The jury brought together 13 delegates representing nationally fifty institutions and three from abroad participating in the event. Read more of the article Hazing at Paris-Dauphine: "blood letter" engraved on the back of a student A freshman at the University Paris-Dauphine complained after a hazing during which ‘ letters of blood "were enrolled him in the back, revealed Saturday AFP. A move considered "despicable" by the university president will be parties. Read more of the article Disciplinary Board after hazing a student of Dauphine A freshman at the University Paris-Dauphine, one of the most quoted of the capital, filed a complaint after a hazing "in letters of blood. " Laurent Batsch, President of the Faculty, will bring civil and convene a disciplinary council in twenty days. He expressed yesterday his "personal determination to eradicate this practice." Read more of the article The renovated school with 800 solar panels Schools that sell electricity to EDF receive preferential rates. A large private school in Creteil knew enjoy. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— France Soir Childhood 07/11/11: the thumb and the pacifier debate are the French Federation of orthodontics (FFO) devotes a Monday morning to the thumb and the pacifier. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Cross of 07/11/11 the Jean Moulin High school Beziers still in shock in high school Jean Moulin Beziers, classes resumed, a month after a teacher set herself fire. Students, teachers and staff are stunned by the gesture of the mathematics teacher of 44 years. The tragedy revived the demand for a collective reflection on the teaching discomfort. Read more of the article Thousands of Britons in the street for Catholic Education Between 4000 and 7000 thousand people demonstrated on Saturday November 5 at Rennes to protest job cuts and the risk of closure of schools in the Catholic teaching. On signs and banners that waved demonstrators, was inscribed the name of the 1160 school Britons who enroll 42% of young Britons, or 250,000 students. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— echoes (some paid items) of 07/11/11 Hazing: Wauquiez advocates "vigilance" and "firmness" the Minister of higher Education Laurent Wauquiez called yesterday "vigilance" and "firmness" against the hazing after a complaint from a student of the university of Paris-Dauphine victim of this practice following a hazing in which the "letters of blood" were included in the back. Laurent Batsch, President of Paris-Dauphine University wrote off the association of students Japad originally hazing. Read more of the article Complaint of Dauphine student after a hazing in "letters of blood" A freshman at the University Paris-Dauphine complained after a hazing in "letters of blood," said Saturday AFP Laurent Batsch, President of the faculty who will bring civil and convene a disciplinary council. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 07/11/11 Manif the Breton Catholic teaching About 4,000 representatives of Catholic education in Brittany in Rennes marched Saturday to protest against the job cuts. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 07/11/11 Rue89 of autism: "the Wall" documentary Inconvenient of french psychologists "the Wall" shows the stranglehold of psychoanalysis on the treatment of autism. Three psychologists seeking to block the release of the film, which they consider "partisan" Read more of the article ————————— ———————- West of France 07/11/11 Three hundred words to tour the western oF surrender to violence, an eclectic dictionary and exciting analyzes the violence affecting society and human beings. Two hundred scientists got down to the task, led by the philosopher Michela Marzano. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Journal du Dimanche 07/11/11 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 07/11/11 We tried hazing, I have never forgotten a word written in letters of blood in the back, a word that revives memory of our contributor, firmly opposed to this "tradition" which he himself suffered. Read more of the article deflowering in "letters of blood" at Paris-Dauphine A freshman at the University Paris-Dauphine complained after a hazing in which the "letters of blood" were entered into him back, a move was "despicable" by the university president will be parties. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 07/11/11 deflowering in "letters of blood" at the Paris-Dauphine University a student complained after being etched by force in the back the name of a student association at a integration night. Read more from the article "In some fields, the girls are also on the side of bizuteurs" While integration weekends full swing, Emmanuel Davidenkoff, managing editor of the student, answers your questions on hazing. Read more of the article Battle at Senate schooling to 3 years in the heart of the confrontation right / left This week was held in the Senate a weapon lazily relayed through the media that, as often, mainly resumed AFP dispatches. The episode in question is nevertheless rich in teachings, as it says a lot about how our present institutions, methods of government, on its education policy on the communication of the Ministry of Education finally. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- 07/11/11 — the Cafe Pedagogique serious games announced for national education sign of the times: it is Bercy that also builds the future of serious games at the school. Friday, November 4, the Ministry of Economy (DGCIS) organized a seminar for the 1st Review of the call for serious game projects. 47 games have received this call for projects which at least three are advanced enough to be assigned to students by the end of the year. However the integration of these games in schools poses real problems teaching and school culture. Read more of the article LARRAZET: AN AGORA FOR SCHOOL Strange place for a meeting in a village of 400 habtants the heart of Lomagne, the hall was Larrazet 5 and 6 November Mecca reflection on school More Article ————————————- ——— Touteduc (fee) of 07/11/11 the meaning of the kindergarten in the background of the debate on compulsory education in 3 years to Luc Chatel, the mother is not "welcome area", it is "a real school", "school language". The debate on the bill on the 3-year extension of compulsory education has been parasitized by a procedural matter. It has nevertheless been the opportunity for each other to define the role of the kindergarten. The Minister of Education reminded "the 2008 reform, with real acquisition of the language programs, learning of writing, discovery of the world of compliance." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 07/11/11 the debate on education can not be done without Interstat statistical collective of unions INSEE and ministerial statistical services (MSS), must rise up a new both against the practices of our political leaders. The independence of public statistics, enshrined in law since the Economic Modernization Act of August 2008, is a reality that the actions of governments and their entourages are trying to challenge. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Slate.fr of 07/11/11 the art of formula One looks in vain for any other exposure compare what is happening now at the Fondation Cartier. Place in principle dedicated to contemporary art, the Boulevard Raspail building houses for several months an event called "Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere." Actually devoted to math, the exhibition nevertheless has nothing to do with the popular science proposals that bloom in museums and in countless public places, often also with happiness. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — 07/11/11 EducPros of Business Schools: tuition costs are soaring, Essec going one step forward the "big school" program Essec crosses the threshold of € 15,000 per year in context where all schools are increasing tuition. Read more of the article Survey "insertion": Pierre Dubois denounces the ranking of universities "" Exclusive: our top universities "Title selected by Le Point magazine to report on the results of the second national survey on the future of the graduates. master. This title is a shame. the ranking of universities according to the performance of the professional future of their graduates is impossible because the second national survey of Masters, called DGESIP survey does not allow comparisons all things being equal " Pierre Dubois protests on his blog EducPros. The former director of an observatory on employability (OFIPE, in Marne la Vallee), virulently criticizes the new survey by the Ministry and its media processing via a ranking, in a post titled: The inclusion and ranking point. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- VousNousIls 07/11/11 the price of Gondecourt awarded to Sophie Coignard for "immoral Covenant" price Gondecourt, named after a small town North, was presented Monday at the journalist Sophie Coignard for his book "immoral Pact" (Albin Michel), which is investigating the failures of Education, have we learned from the jury. Read more of the article Universities / Idex: five new short-listed for the second round Five new future large campus projects were shortlisted for the second round of the call for projects "excellence initiatives" (Idex) of large loan, announced Sunday the Ministry of higher Education in a statement. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, November 7, 2011