Filloy realizes only a free throw before the triple Banks (68-69) and at 14 «from the siren, provides new hope to Brindisi.

And certainly not helping to calm tempers the delay — because flight from Buenos Aires deleted — Icardi of the resumption of training, also attached to the next step with the club of 17. Even more so if the first Tyc Sports, Argentine television before filtering ago a break for renewal. And then the same Wanda, this time much less cryptic, in As he explains: «There are very important clubs interested in Mauro and we are very far from reaching an agreement.

The figures we are talking about are not true and there has not yet arrived a satisfactory proposal by Inter «. He added: «We do not deny that we can reach an agreement, however, today we are very far. It makes no sense to renew for the same salary he perceives Mauro now.» Result: the hand of the club is heavy, Icardi was fined by the club for 100 thousand euro. Calciomarket, Icardi and Dybala, it changes. Revolution agents from 2020 FINE AND FIELD — We start from the delay.

Icardi had warned apologizing air problem with the Nerazzurri, who, then, is not surprised by the retention of the morning and the delay beyond the 17 yesterday, the new appointment can be arranged. But the fact that both Captain Icardi has tipped the scales for the hard line. A little avail the apology Mauro, reiterated this morning.

Appiano would have appreciated a stronger focus in the management of the return, the same that has had such Lautaro, so he can get to the sports center in the late afternoon for a session in the gym. RENEWAL — The episode is engaged in important days for Icardi and Inter, on the front renovation.

The words of Wanda, subsequent to rumors of Tyc Sports, are the last step before the meeting next week between the clubs Inter and the entourage of the center will sit around a table to renew the contract expiring in 2021: Wanda asks for Icardi an overlap from 8 million, Inter are willing to think in a contract in style Dybala, then top for the Italian league, from 7 million including bonuses. From untie the knot of the release clause of 110 million, that Inter want to eliminate from the new agreement expires in 2023.

There will be treated, even if Inter do not want to carry the thing too long. It remains to understand what are the real intentions of Wanda, net of the media forcing the renewal. David Wicks

January 5, 2019 — BRINDISI Adrian Banks, 24 points. Ciamilo Happy House Brindisi-Avellino 68-70 Sidigas Avelino cashing in their fourth consecutive victory (the fifth away) only in the end, postponing the hopes of access to the Final Eight of Brindisi in the next game against Trento. The start of the race of the guests is as convincing as that of intangible hosts.

At 4 ‘Sidigas the architect’s first escape attempt (4-12) supported by more than eighty percent in shooting from the field. The men of Vitucci you need a time out to replace the ideas, make money from four turnovers in 1xbet limits Amen from Avellino in addition to the sharp fall in the past accurately shoot relentlessly at 38%. The first inner edge arrives in the first minute of the second quarter (11 ‘, 19-16).

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV REACTION — the sleepy Avellino The reaction was immediate: the baskets of Sykes and the triple D’Ercole report Irpinia at height (14 ‘, 21-28). A flight that lasts the time of a few minutes more later, the game 3 + 1 Zanelli, the triple from the corner of Banks and three baskets in a row of pure oxygen Brown reported to the owners of new home with his nose forward (19 ‘ , 39-34) with the greatest advantage, before long interval. The return to the field is soporific.

It scores by drop up to 25 ‘(44-43) before the game resumes panache. At 28 ‘Banks, at the best time updates the maximum benefit of its (51-45). Green is raising Avellino with 13 consecutive points (three triples) and play the pure talent (33 ‘, 57-60). It travels fast on the total balance wire (65-66): everything is decided in the last 42 «. Nichols made two crucial free throws that are worth the +3 (66-68). Moraschini missed the triple equalizer.

Filloy realizes only a free throw before the triple Banks (68-69) and at 14 «from the siren, provides new hope to Brindisi. Nichols returns to the line but this time is 1 to 2 (68-70). There are only 4 «on the clock but Banks missed a triple victory.

Brindisi: Banks 24, Chappell 14, Zanelli 9. Avellino: Green 18, Sykes, 16. Nichols Giuseppe Mazzone

August 5, 2018 — Milano In Belgium they called K2, because of his six-three abundant. Alto is high, Omar Colley, but to get in football matters had to climb mountains even the most important of the famous Himalayan peak. Born in Gambia, start playing in Africa and already 18 years it seems the right train arrived: an offer from America.

Colley is on trial with Sporting Kansas City (MLS), surpasses it, but his local club does not free him. Disappointment. In 2013 part so for Finland. Can you imagine a Gambian in Kuopio, with average temperatures below freezing from November to April?

Colley grits his teeth. Go to Sweden, to Djurgarden. It’s always cold, but you level up.

In 2016 the Genk sees in him a profile similar to Koulibaly, another giant defender passed by Luminus Arena (first call Cristal). Two great seasons, with experience in the Europa League, and Sampdoria took him to Italy. Steps and bounds, it is appropriate to say.

Sampdoria, Ronaldo Vieira sings to all features — Unbeatable in the air, Colley is the classic pure scorer physically very strong, but a little ‘from sgrezzare. Taken individually is ready to make a good impression in Serie A is not slow, has a strength out of the ordinary and mentally has few lapses in concentration. It must grow under the tactical aspect.

He said it himself after the first few workouts with Giampaolo: «In Belgium they teach you so much from the individual point of view, but there is the care of team movements as in Italy: here the back four is a single block, chemistry is important. » magic — Despite centimeters, Colley career marked little. So yesterday in the friendly against Watford network not mistake the Advanced Member: has not the curriculum from striker defender, at least so far.

The plank is listed 7 credits: fair price for a probable owner. And even in auctions with friends, in case you allow low-cost, make it your own. It is surprising really. Gasport

August 20, 2018 — Milano see them get together, as always, but Antonio Cassano takes a step back. «This time it’s up to her, I put myself in a corner and listen.» You are Marcialis Carolina, his wife. After the wedding, and two children from FantAntonio, in 27 years, has returned to play riabbracciando an old love: water polo, returned to be part of his life, «always a bit ‘on the run, but beautiful.» Carolina Marcialis and Antonio Cassano.

Marcialis Carolina, in June celebrated eight years of marriage with Cassano. we describe them. «with Antonio does not get bored. You get up in the morning and you never know what the day reserves, it can always happen. It depends on the moon, if it is good, if it is wrong (laughs …).

In anything you can find at an airport. «Eight years happy or» Cassanate «?» Absolutely happy. They were beautiful, a bit ‘crazy, I would say pyrotechnics! He won with his smile, charisma, the way you do.

I realize that someone may not like it but Antonio is good, a generous person, a great husband and father: first you need to know and then judge it. Of course, being the wife of Cassano is not easy, some fun but also very demanding: litigarella we are a couple, we have two very strong personalities, so to keep up, need to stand up to him so much strength, even internal. « Carolina Marcialis. Carolina Marcialis.

How would his life without Cassano? «I struggle to imagine but for sure I would not have remained in Italy. I would only dedicated to water polo and I traveled a lot. Go around the world is my passion recently. «He was in Amsterdam.» To celebrate the anniversary of marriage and even without kids. But there are still many places to see Australia, Peru ….

But me and Antonio even after closing with sport active definitely will stay in Genoa: now this is our city, we have grandparents, friends and from there you can not escape. «But at home who’s in charge?» You! «. Urla Cassano. Carolina smiles … «In fact goes like this: I do speak, but slowly bringing him on my ideas and, in the end, do what I say.